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WILL THE CREATURES BE ABLE TO TOUCH ME? Not Intentionally. It is our policy that our performers don't touch you and you don't touch them but an occasional "bump in the night" does occur accidentally (and not in a good way!)

DO YOU CHANGE YOUR SHOW EVERY YEAR OR IS IT ALWAYS THE SAME? We create a new show every season. We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our attractions and keep them entertaining and fresh every year. It is our hope and goal that Supernatural becomes your yearly Halloween entertainment venue tradition.

DO YOU HAVE SECURITY? CAN I ACT LIKE A FOOL? Yes, we have one or more staff on site at all times along with Infrared video cameras that are recording. If you act like a fool in a manner that disrupts the show, I'm sure our staff would love to escort you off property or with the police - especially if you are using drugs or you are intoxicated.

IS THE SHOW REALLY SCARY? Each person has their own scare threshold, but we warn you -- People have run away screaming before even entering the train ride! If you are squeamish, we recommend the family hour, which is during lighted hours, with nothing jumping out at you or chasing you.

IS THE LOCATION FOR THE SUPERNATURAL HAUNTED HOUSE ATTRACTION REALLY HAUNTED? Yes. This has been confirmed by two paranormal investigation teams.

WHAT KIND OF PARANORMAL THINGS HAVE HAPPENED THERE? Many have seen mists, orbs, and dark shadows. People have felt cold spots, heard strange sounds, and just a general creepy feeling in certain areas. In the paranormal investigations we have caught EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), had strong intelligent reactions with a K-II meter that clearly answered yes and no questions. A Ouija board used on site predicted the exact day of death of an ailing relative. There is so much more to provide us with years of story lines for our show.

IS THIS A RIDE? Yes this is an actual train ride that goes around the Pine Mountain perimeter. It is a very unique way of experiencing a haunted attraction. We are one of a kind. It is an outdoor event so please dress appropriately.

CAN I GET A REFUND IF I GET SCARED? If you get scared, we have done our job. If you don't want to get scared, please attend family hour. We are unable to refund tickets for getting scared.