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Supernatural Haunted Attraction has joined forces again with the Villa Rica Pine Mountain Gold Museum in Villa Rica, Georgia.  Come ride the SLASHER Train and see first hand the devastation of  the gruesome killings that took place at Camp Pine Lake.   This October the SLASHER TRAIN comes and it comes for you!

The 2017 Scare Train has SOLD OUT. Thank you for a tremendous turn out this season! Even with adding times, the trains are all sold out. Please join us for one of our future trains.


Every Haunted Place has its story.

The infamous Psycho Bloody Bunny Killer is on the loose-after recently escaping from the local prison asylum, along with other inmates.  He was convicted of serial murder at the local campground over a decade ago.  Returning to his previous bloody stomping grounds he and his horde have found their way back to Pine Lake Campground. After wrecking mutilating havoc,  some say they have taken up in the darkest part of the mountain known as The Butcher's Woods.  By displaying cannibalistic human remains they have marked their territory.  Rumor has it that a clown carnival derailed along the Pine Lake railroad through town.  The evil clowns spotted in the woods have only added to the maniacal menagerie.  The Slasher train may just be too intense for some to survive.  

Some local townsfolk that make plans to go into the woods, rarely return. Those that do, come back as different people - many having to be admitted into the local insane asylum.

Do you have the courage to enter the woods? Do you have what it takes to SURVIVE the SLASHER Train?